The last Tour Revisited

Most of these pictures were included in the original "Udornguy" site

The time is 1975, not long after the evacuation of Siagon. My time ran until the closure of the American portions of Udorn Royal Thai Air Base in 1976. The pictures are not a chronicle of the end but what I saw with my Kodak Instamatic camera while stationed there. The base is still active today, serving as the local airport as well as well as still being Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base. It can be viewed on Google Earth. Not much of the American section remains. Search Udon Airport Thailand. The pictures are the originals that appeared first in the late '90's on the Tripod site. A few unused ones may be added. My memory is far from perfect, if you find any errors, drop me a note.

Thank you for your time

Steve Freeman 1975-'76 Tiger Flight

This photo courtesy Don Bailey

These are patches we wore on our uniforms. They were produced in Udorn. "Tiger" was the cool name for the night shift. This complete unused set is about all I saved.

This is what the city streets of Udorn looked like way back when. From Mangdai Pizza thru Kao Pot, it was all good.